Unlock the Holiday advantage: 3 Reasons to Sell Your Home in West Hills, CA During the Holidays!

Thinking of selling your home during the holidays? Don’t dismiss the idea just yet!

Many homeowners have misconceptions about selling their home during the winter months, especially during the holidays.  Maybe you think there are less people looking to buy. Maybe you think they won’t have time. Besides, who wants to move during the holidays?

I’ve got good news for you. What you may not realize is there are a number of advantages to selling a home during the winter months. Today, I will share three reasons why now it’s actually a good time to sell your home if you need to.

Number 3: your home is festive and inviting.

How you present your home is one of the keys to having a successful home sale. And selling during the holidays with lights and decorations add something special. It can enhance the curb appeal of your home, which is the buyer’s first impression. And it offers a warm and cozy feeling inside. You can stage your home to give off that comfortable vibe that appeals to many home buyers.

And it’s not only your home. Others in the neighborhood are decorating and showing off their homes also. People buying homes could see your area or neighborhood in a different light – more cheerful and festive than what they would normally see if you were selling it any other time of year.

So, take advantage of all the hard work you’re putting in your house to make it welcoming and festive. Don’t be afraid to show it off to prospective buyers. After all you set the times when you want visitors in your home.

Number 2: Winter Buyers Are More Serious.

Most home sales take place during the spring and summer months. It’s not unusual to see people checking out open houses with no clear plan to buy. Although you may have a larger number of perspective buyers during that busy selling season, I would say in the winter, you have a higher quality of buyer. Because anyone shopping for a new home between Thanksgiving and New Years are not the people interested in wasting their precious time around the holidays. They are likely to be serious buyers who are ready. They have a real reason to be out there looking. The key here is that selling during this time of year attracts serious buyers that can result in a quicker sale.

Number 1: There Is Less Housing Inventory In The Winter.

This is not too different than what we’ve experienced all year long. When there are less houses on the market for sale that means less competition for you as the home seller. When there is less competition it can make your home stand out. So when you have priced your home and presented it well it could even lead to multiple offers.

And winter sales tend to be quick. Those serious buyers want to take care of business fast. Maybe it’s because of a moving deadline, say for a job relocation, or maybe they just want to get back to enjoying the season. The key here is that you may find selling during the holidays could end up being more profitable and quick for you.

The Take Home

If you have a need to sell your home now, you may not need to wait until next year. There are benefits to selling your home during the holidays. With an organized, home selling plan, your holiday home sale can be just as successful now than if you were to wait.

So, if you are in serious need to sell your home in the next month and are here in the West Hills area, this could be the time for you.

You can watch the full video on YouTube @westhillscaliving.