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Buy your Los Angeles – West Hills home with confidence, without letting unknowns and uncertainties hold you back. To some home shoppers around Los Angeles – West Hills, buying a home can be emotional, time consuming, and stressful. Many factors go into a successful home purchase and the groundwork starts before the shopping begins. 

So, you want to buy a home. Are Any Of These True For You?

Many people are disappointed by the lack of housing inventory. Perhaps the houses that are available do not fit your and your family’s needs, are not in your desired area, or fit within your budget.

Or maybe you are exasperated by constantly losing out on offers you have made. You are struggling to get your offer accepted due to competing with other Buyers, some of which offer all cash. 

Possibly you worry that the market is in another housing bubble. And you wonder if now is the right time to buy with house prices continuing to rise.

Perhaps you are frustrated with an agent who doesn’t communicate with you. You have doubts about if they are working hard on your behalf to help you win the deal.

You are nervous about taking the leap toward homeownership. You aren’t sure how much you qualify for, or if you qualify to purchase a home at all. You are unsure of the process; the steps; the timeline.

You may have a different personal circumstance or life event that is urging you to hold out on buying. Though there are plenty of reasons one could feel disenchanted, especially in a Seller’s market, what if there was a way to make homebuying less discouraging?

buy a home

Now Imagine…

What it would be like for you to be more confident and feel optimistic about buying a home? To envision yourself living in a new home that you love, the one that meets your family’s needs. The house in the neighborhood you always wanted. Near family, friends, or work. You have sureness that your preparation and planning will result in a successful home purchase for you. A home purchase that will further your personal and financial goals. You are clear on your end goals and have planned for variability to accomplish them. You have the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and/or your family. You trust in the process to protect you; the support team you have chosen to care for you; in yourself to be happy. You are confident that now is the time for you to buy and to make your next move.

So How Can You Buy A Home With More Confidence and Optimism?

Understand that no two homes are alike. Nor are the strategies for buying one. When you choose me as your agent, we will work closely together to create your customized action plan in an organized manner that is based around what you want and need as well as what is reasonable for the market. From our initial, exploratory conversation where we talk about your goals, timeline, expectations, and concerns all the way through closing and beyond, you have my support. 

buy a home

My Promise To You…

…is that you and your deal will be treated as if it were my own. Following a philosophy of Genuine Care for my clients, I use a hands-on approach with high-touch communication. That means I will listen to you – what you want and your goals. Then be there to educate and guide you on options so you can make the decisions that best protect you, your value, and your interests. You will be met with honesty, transparency, and confidentiality at every step.

What is unique about my service is I use a proven system, a plan that we build and execute together around your preferences. What worked for your family, friend, neighbor, or co-worker may not be what works best for you and your circumstances or in the current market. This custom plan is built to keep your personal goals top of mind. A checklist of sorts with a series of interview questions, the plan is designed to ease the uncertainties, particularly on matters that are within your control. Plus, my industry experience as a dual licensed Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Loan Originator gives you more knowledge than a standalone agent.

As a result, my clients and say I make it easy for them. They feel more confident and cared about which causes them to feel good about their real estate buying decisions.

“We were so happy with your care and concern during our search; you helped make the chaotic feeling manageable…So. Great.”
K. Moss

What is to cost of waiting to buy a home? Allow me to be your advocate so you can feel good about buying a home. Call me for a no-pressure conversation about homebuying in Los Angeles - West Hills, CA.

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