homeownership in West Hills

Homeownership: 5 Tips to Buying in West Hills, Los Angeles 2024


As we step into a new year, many people set resolutions. If one of yours involves homeownership, either buying or selling a home, you’re in the right place! In the latest video, Chasity Lousteau shares invaluable insights for anyone beginning to take steps toward buying a new home in West Hills, Los Angeles this year.

Mastering Your Homeownership Budget (Tip #1)

Setting the foundation for your home buying plan starts with a thorough assessment of your finances. Chasity emphasizes the importance of not just considering the down payment but also factoring in closing costs, recurring home expenses, and ongoing maintenance. Crafting a realistic budget from the start ensures a smoother home buying experience.

The Power of Mortgage Pre-Approval (Tip #2)

For those not fortunate enough to purchase with all cash, Chasity advises initiating the mortgage pre-approval process early. This not only provides a clear understanding of affordability but also enhances your attractiveness to sellers when making an offer. Valuable tips are shared for homeowners looking to sell and use proceeds for a new home, including estimating net proceeds.

Tailoring Your Homeownership Preferences (Tip #3)

Making lists of must-haves and nice-to-haves streamlines the home search process. Chasity encourages viewers to identify non-negotiable features and areas where flexibility is possible. This proactive approach helps narrow down the search, saving time, and focusing on homes aligned with individual priorities.

Gaining Insights through Open Houses (Tip #4)

Chasity advocates for hands-on experience by attending open houses. This practical approach allows potential buyers to visualize themselves in different properties, discover new features, and gain insights into the neighborhood and property styles.

Exploring Diverse Areas (Tip #5)

The final tip involves exploring different areas, not only in West Hills but also in neighboring communities. Chasity highlights the unique charm and features of diverse neighborhoods and emphasizes the significance of being well-informed about market trends, property values, and overall neighborhood atmosphere.


Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to sell and move up, or exploring West Hills for the first time, Chasity Lousteau’s homeownership tips are your roadmap to success in the real estate market. This blog post serves as a snapshot of the invaluable tips shared in the video. For a more in-depth understanding, be sure to watch the full video available on YouTube @westhillscaliving. Here’s to a fantastic year filled with new beginnings and dream homes!