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Do you struggle with the home loan process?

To many homeowners and home buyers, the mere thought of going through the mortgage process is dreadful. Collecting paperwork, signing documents, reviewing offers and costs can be time consuming, frustrating or even confusing. Some may even feel anxious or stressed.

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Are any of these true for you?

You are confused about the mortgage process. It is unclear what is needed from whom, when, and why. The next steps and closing timeline are vague. It would be helpful to you if these things were clearer.

Or maybe you are or have been disappointed with the poor communication from a loan officer or lender. You ask questions that are not answered to your satisfaction – or answered at all. Promises have been made that have not been delivered. Or you are working with person who you don’t feel has your best interests in mind.

Possibly you are annoyed when asked to send the same documents more than once. You know you provided the information already. You take more of your valuable time to send it again.

Perhaps you are frustrated when the process takes longer than average. You wonder how some people say they closed a loan in weeks while others drag out for months. 

You are anxious about applying and qualifying for the loan you want. You wonder if your income will be enough or if your debts are too much. Will the loan programs give you the lowest rate and terms for what you need and want?

You worry about rates and costs changing or going up. Securing the lowest rate possible and keeping costs and fees low are important to you. 

You are confused about loan transfers and the servicing of your loan. Finding out the loan has been sold to a new servicer, making changes to payments, figuring out who to contact with questions has you running in circles.

Or you may have different experiences or personal circumstances that are causing you to hold off on getting a new home loan.

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Now Imagine…

What it would be like for you to have a pleasant lending experience. To be excited about the financial opportunities – savings or additional investments – a new mortgage will offer you. 

To close the loan and feel like it was actually easy. Easier than expected or perhaps easier than ever before. And not only because technology makes completing and signing some of the documents faster. But also because of the clear communication, expectations, steps, and timeline shared by your loan officer.

You are clear on your end goals and have evaluated the options available for you to accomplish them. You work closely with your loan officer to structure a loan for you that will help you move toward your financial goals. You have the knowledge you need to make the best decisions to move forward with sureness.

You trust in the process to protect you; the support team you have chosen to communicate with you; in yourself to be happy with your decisions. You are confident that you will get the best home loan for yourself and your family, whether you are buying a home or refinancing an existing mortgage.

So How Can You Have An Easier Lending Experience?

Understand that no two home loans are alike. Nor are the strategies for choosing one. The loan or rate that your family, friend, co-worker, or neighbor got, may not be what is right or best for you – or even available to you based on qualifications and/or the market.

Save time and effort by allowing me to do the shopping for you. There are specific details and nuances to obtaining accurate loan quotes. You want to make sure you are comparing “apples-to-apples” on loans for which you actually qualify. The simple rate search forms you find online may not be enough to give you the whole picture. By asking me to shop for you, you will have access to multiple, top lenders and their products to choose from because I am licensed and approved to do business with both a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker.

Minimize your cash and maximize your returns on your investment. Because you have access to multiple lenders and their offers from one spot, you will get to choose the best combination of rate, payment, term, and savings for your situation. Lower rates = lower payments = greater affordability = equity gains.

Give yourself the freedom to spend the time and extra money on the things you want & enjoy. From our initial, exploratory conversation where we talk about your goals, needs, expectations, and concerns all the way through closing and beyond, you have my hard work and support to find a purchase or refinance loan that works for you.

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My Promise To You…

…is that you and your deal will be treated as if it were my own. Following a philosophy of Genuine Care for my clients, I use a hands-on approach with high-touch communication. That means I will listen to you – what you want and your goals. Then be there to educate and guide you on options so you can make the decisions that best protect you and your interests as well as keep you informed along the way. You will be met with honesty, transparency, and confidentiality at every step.

What is unique about my service is I use a 3 phase approach to home financing where we work closely together to create your customized loan based around what you want and what you qualify for, along with what is currently available from lenders. This custom plan is built to keep your personal goals top of mind.

Additionally, the plan is designed to ease the dreadful feelings of getting a mortgage. I use an analytical, organized, and methodical approach to the process. My knowledge, experience with underwriting requirements for loan approval, front end diligence, and communication style at every stage makes for an easy and pleasant loan experience for my clients. 

Plus, my industry experience as a dual licensed Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Loan Originator gives you more than a standalone loan officer. This is particularly true when you are buying a new home as I support you and your agent in honoring the terms of your purchase agreement.

As a result, my clients say I make it easy for them. They feel more confident about reaching their home loan goals. They know they were cared about which causes them return time and again as satisfied clients and happily refer others.

"This refi has made such a difference on the stress in my life. I can actually take weekends off now. I could not be happier!!! Again thank you…"
- A. O’Kane

What is the cost of waiting…

…for you to buy the house you have always wanted?

…for you to refinance to better loan terms?

…for you to use your home’s equity for home or other financial improvements?

Many home loan programs and products are available to residents throughout California. Make the easy choice for your next home purchase or refinance loan. Call me for a no-pressure conversation about financing or refinancing your home.

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The Truth About Closing Costs

Perhaps you have read about, heard of, or been offered a “no closing cost” loan. Did you ever stop to consider how some lenders can offer no closing costs while others cannot?

The truth is every mortgage has closing costs, both from the lender and third parties. Sometimes it’s a matter of who pays for them and how the fees must be disclosed by the lender, such as when a seller or lender offers a credit to the homeowner. Typically, when a lender talks about a no closing cost loan, it’s a function of the interest rate and loan amount.

A simple way to explain loan closing costs is this: for every service, there is a fee. Service providers do not offer free services. 

Lenders are handling fees by either a) not openly disclosing the fees and baking them into the rate offered to you or b) fully disclosing all the fees then giving you the options on how to pay them, such as get a lender credit or roll the fees into the loan amount if the loan allows.

Closing costs can look scary, but they do not have to be complicated. I will always provide you with a detailed fee breakdown of closing costs and prepaid items along with your options for handling the costs associated with your loan.