"I would highly recommend Chasity for any real estate or mortgage needs. Chasity took a personal approach and style in working with me and I never felt like just another “customer.” She is professional, attentive, positive and a pleasure to work with. Chasity helped me with the application process of a reverse mortgage for a family member at the end of 2023. We achieved a successful closure and funding of the loan. She was on top of complicated steps that were required to complete the reverse mortgage loan. Chasity’s well-established experience dealing with these matters helped me maneuver through the minor complications that arose with outside 3rd party groups. She was always on top of every phase of the loan process and funding. I really appreciated the ability to contact her at any time as she steered me through the process. I was never left waiting and wondering what was going on. She kept in contact with me and responded readily to my questions from the beginning with my first phone call, to the completion of successful loan funding. When I was out of the country, she worked with me and kept the process moving. I was quickly notified when something was needed and by doing this, delays were kept to a minimum. I have complete confidence in Chasity for all of my real estate or mortgage needs. I’ve used Chasity previously for refinancing a home loan and at that time established trust in her as a professional and trustworthy loan officer. It was reassuring to be able to work with Chasity again on this reverse mortgage loan journey. Thank you Chasity!"
S. Ochoa
"Chasity is trustworthy, competent, and an extremely experienced professional. That probably sums it up well enough, but these are a few of the reasons we came to that conclusion. She promised to consult with us every step of the way and to consider our needs as home sellers. Yes – she gave advice (whether it was the details of staging our home or whether or not to put a sign in the yard), but it was always a choice we made after thoroughly understanding the pros and cons. Chasity’s years of being part of the real estate industry gives her insight to the real estate market from modest home to extravagant. She knows the business from all sides and offered her input so we made informed decisions. Again, I cannot emphasize enough that each step - from offering price to details of what to or not to accept in an offer – were all our choice after she consulted with us. She never made a decision or communicated with someone as our representative without us giving her permission to do so. This has not always been our experience so we appreciate her ethical standards. Chasity is the consummate professional. We strongly recommend that anyone considering hiring a real estate agent look no further than Chasity Lousteau."
J. Pearson & K. Lumpiesz
"Chasity wrapped up my loan years ago. I had a few legal problems on my end. Chasity guided me through all the paperwork process and to finalize the loan. I almost gave up! She is so professional. She is the bright light at the end of the tunnel. One happy camper here."
"We were so happy with your care and concern during our search; you helped make the chaotic feeling manageable…So. Great."
K. Moss
"Chasity was highly recommended to us by multiple friends, and she was more than we ever expected. She assisted us in our home purchase – both as Realtor and a Loan Agent. From our first conversations on the phone, she was positive, helpful and was always there for us to answer any questions. During our home buying experience, she kept us apprised of every step along the way – from any issues regarding the house, as well as the loan process. Her knowledge and attentiveness kept us calm, and able to enjoy the adventure of home buying. It takes a special person to be able to do that – and we are so happy and grateful that Chasity was there for us."
M. Cooper
"We recently completed our second refi with Chasity Lousteau. She is terrific. I’ve been around, swam in this mortgage pool any number of times, and have never before encountered the enthusiasm and capability combo than I did with Chasity. She is available, knowledgeable, hourly-current with regard to rates and costs, and led me through the maze of mortgage borrowing with acumen, skill and humor—I awaited her calls. She completed the entire process, money deposited, in about two weeks. I recommend her. It is the people you deal with that make dealing easy or hard, deals good or bad. She is the best on both accounts."
D. LaRoche
"Over the years we have purchased three homes and have refinanced our homes numerous times, and never have we had such a wonderful experience as we did with Chasity Lousteau. Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge made the entire process as stress and hassle free as possible."
L. Aldworth
"Chasity made the process easy and seamless. She was always there to guide my husband and I and answer all of our questions. Chasity explained all the steps and kept in touch with us."
M. McPherson
"Who knew that not only purchasing a house, but then refinancing it, could be so simple, painless, and successful! Thanks to Chasity Lousteau, that is exactly the case. Having helped us purchase our home 10 months ago (as both a Realtor and Loan Agent), she proactively reached out to us to advise us on the great opportunities that arose to refinance. She helped us smoothly navigate the process quickly and seamlessly, and ended up saving us hundreds per month in mortgage payments. Thanks Chasity for being so professional, smart and helpful, as well as so personable and caring (even during a pandemic…amazing!). You’re the best – and anyone would benefit from having you in their corner."
C. Cooper
"We first worked with Chasity during the purchase of our house a few years ago. Chasity made the whole loan experience painless and smooth. She has kept us up to date on refinancing options since then. When we decide to refinance this year, we talked to a few other loan agents to see if we were missing some spectacular deal. Nope. Nothing. Called Chasity and got a great rate, great service and she went above and beyond for us. We highly recommend working with Chasity. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, caring and funny."
M. Jett
"As a returning customer I highly recommend Chasity and her team. During these rough times with COVID I thought it would be difficult to refinance. Chasity made the process easy and seamless. She was always there to guide my husband and I and answer all of our questions. Chasity explained all the steps and kept in touch with us. Thank you Chasity!!!"
M. McPherson
"Chasity Lousteau is the best loan agent to work with. I recently purchased a home in August 2020. Chasity was incredible in processing my loan. Very communicative and professional. She always kept me up to date and gave me clear direction. From start to finish my loan was funded just under 30 days. Chasity was a pleasure to work with. Friendly and straight forward. She's also very knowledgeable and thoroughly answered may of my questions. The process was seamless. I recommend her and her team 100%!!!"
J. Hernandez
"Chasity did a great job on my recent home loan! She helped me understand how to rearrange my finances in order to qualify for the loan amount I needed. She also worked very closely with me throughout the loan process, helping me understand the various documents as well as some important choices involving interest rates. Most importantly she made sure that my loan was approved in time for my close of escrow. I recommend her highly."
L. Lazarus
"Chasity is an all around awesome person to work with. She is extremely responsive, thorough and enjoyable to talk to. I have worked with on several occasions and always have a 5-star experience. If you’re reading this review, reach out to Chasity."
B. Fisher
"This is our second refi working with Chasity Lousteau at Huntington Group and it was even smoother than the first. Chasity and her team are absolutely awesome at structuring the best deal then following through on every detail every step of the way. Once we spoke on the phone to relay our goals, Chasity took it from there and was ready to close our refi in only nine days! The follow through and communication from this team is superb. We will continue to recommend Chasity to all our friends."
G. Davidson
"Over the years we have purchased three homes and have refinanced our homes numerous times, and never have we had such a wonderful experience as we did with Chasity Lousteau.  Her attention to detail and extensive knowledge made the entire process as stress and hassle free as possible.  She not only was responsive to every need and phone call, but was extremely pleasant and helpful in doing so.  We would recommend Chasity to anyone in a heartbeat!"
L. Aldworth
"I love working with Chasity Lousteau, as she is extremely informative, has a great personality, and always manages to stay on top. I worked with Chasity on my first home purchase and a refinance. Both extremely smooth experiences. Chasity Lousteau was highly recommended by my sister, and I would definitely recommend her to any of my family and friends. Thank you, Chasity!"
I. Kanaoki
"I have worked with Chasity on 2 home purchases and 3 refis over the last 7 years with nothing but success and happiness on my side.  The online tools she uses as well as her availability for phone calls provide the utmost in customer service.  I do not plan on using another mortgage broker at anytime in the future."
G. Wall
"Working with Chasity was an absolute pleasure! Her professionalism and dedication exceeded our expectations, on getting us our home loan. She was always available for us, thoroughly answered all of our questions and concerns, and made our transaction smooth and easy. To top it all off, she is an absolute sweetheart, with adorable southern charm. We highly recommend Chasity!"
C. Hamilton
"I have personally done 5 loans and have referred numerous other people. I have had the pleasure to deal with Chasity on all my loans.  Chasity has a wealth of information and is a great resource. When Chasity says they are going to do something, they simply do it and do it well.  I have yet to have a bad experience with the company."
A. Khemlani
"This refi has made such a difference on the stress in my life. I can actually take weekends off now. I could not be happier!!! Again thank you…"
A. O'Kane