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Los Angeles Area | West Hills Homeowners: Do you Feel Stuck in a Home You no longer love?

Now, Los Angeles Area | West Hills Homeowners Could be able to sell your house, make more today than ever before, and move on to something better.

For some Los Angeles Area | West Hills homeowners, the idea of selling your home is appealing, particularly when home values are on the rise and equity is growing. But there is at least one piece, if not a few aspects of the real estate process, that’s causing hesitation with making your next move. 

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Are any of these true for you?

For some Los Angeles Area | West Hills homeowners, you are afraid if you sell your home you will have no place to go with the lack of home inventory. You wonder where you will go? You aren’t clear on what options are out there to help you transition from one home to another. So you stay where you are in the hopes that the market with change or get better for your situation. 

You understand the market is good for sellers and you could get top dollar if you sold your home now. But, as a buyer, it also means you may be buying at the top of the market so you feel hesitant to move. You may be thinking, “Real estate is so expensive! I will just wait.” But, what is the actual cost of waiting for you, particularly when house prices are expected to continue to appreciate for the next several years?

For others, the lack of control around the timing of when your home will sell creates anxiety. You have a timeline in which you want to sell. Or, in some cases, there is a hard deadline to close by a specific date. The thought of not selling by when you want, having a long process, or one that drags on would be difficult to manage.

Or maybe you are anxious about not knowing how much your Los Angeles Area | West Hills house will sell for. You don’t know how much a buyer will offer to pay for the house, but you have a price in mind. Maybe you need a certain amount to make your next move. Or you are at least hoping for a minimum offer for the sale to even make sense.

You worry that once you find a buyer the offer will fall through. The thought of negotiating an offer with a buyer makes you wary. Will it be something during inspections? Are they not qualified for financing? If a buyer cancels, then here you go again. The process starts all over until you find a new buyer.

Possibly you are unsure about the demands of preparing your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home to sell. Will home improvements or repairs be required? Too many burdens, either to put the house on the market in the first place or those requested from a buyer to continue with a sale, may be too much money, time, or hassle for you to handle.

If you are are Los Angeles Area | West Hills homeowner who is selling your home to buy a new one, the timing of the sale with the purchase of your next home could make you nervous. Being aware that housing inventory is low – or houses are selling so quickly – in many areas and understanding you may be competing against other buyers for the same house, not knowing if you will be the winner, could potentially put you at risk of being without a home (albeit temporary) until you find a replacement home. It is not your ideal position to be in and one that certainly adds some stress.

The lack of control over the selling process, timeline, or unexpected aspects of selling a home is frustrating for many. There are so many steps involved for a seller, and just as many for the buyer to handle on their side. There are a lot of people involved which can complicate communications and timelines. You can only hope that everyone does their part to make it all happen on time.

Not knowing if buyers are seriously interested in your home can be worrisome. Will anyone want to see it? Make an offer? If they do make an offer, will they pull out if they find something better? Questions like these and others are common stressors for a homeowners in the Los Angeles Area | West Hills.

Keeping the house clean and ready for showings can be a chore, especially if you are living in the home. Last minute showing requests or cancelations can be unpredictable. For some, leaving the house for showings can even leave you feeling vulnerable.

Whatever your personal circumstance or life event that is prompting you to sell your West Hills home, there are simply some things that you may find stressful. Even if you have sold homes in the past, some uncertainties will exist merely because you will not be able to control everything.

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Now Imagine…

What would it be like for you to be less stressed and more certain about selling your home in the Los Angeles Area | West Hills and having the confidence to make your next move? Being free to feel the excitement about new opportunities to come. To envision yourself living in your next home, in a place where you want to be. In the home that meets your and your family’s needs. Or, moving closer to family, relocating for work, out of California, or getting the closure you need to move on.

You have sureness that your planning and preparation will result in a home sale that is successful for you. A sale that is successful because it is at a price your home is worth, is on a timeline that works for you, and closes with the least hassles.

You are clear on your end goals and have planned for variability to accomplish them. You have the insight and the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you and/or your family.

You trust in the process to protect you; the support team you have chosen to care for you and your biggest asset; in yourself to be happy. You are confident that now is the time for you to sell your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home and to make your next move.


So, Los Angeles Area | West Hills Homeowners, How Can You Sell Your Home with Less Stress and more certainty?

Be more confident about selling your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home using my 7-Step System for homeowners. This system is designed for you and customized by you as the home seller. We start by working through the following three, key needs in order to sell your home.

1. Know how much you need to net to Make the Most Money.

What your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home is worth is different from what you will walk away with, or net, after the sale. By understanding up front both the value range of homes like yours and the potential costs associated with selling a house, you can make choices along the way that allow you to make the most money from the sale.

2. Know what you need to do to sell with the fewest hassles.

Selling a home in the Los Angeles Area | West Hills starts before putting it on the market. When you understand how prospective buyers think, what makes your home more marketable, and the requirements of home sellers, your time and resources can be spent on those items which result in the greatest return. So, you can sell with the fewest hassles.

3. Know what timeframe you Need, To close In The Least Amount Of Time.

Your timeline for closing impacts other decisions. There are a lot of steps to take and decisions to be made when selling a home in Los Angeles Area | West Hills. Many are dependent on another. Taking intentional steps, at the right time, and in the right order, will guard your timeline so you close in the least amount of time.

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My Promise To Los Angeles Area | West Hills Homeowners…

…is that you and your home will be treated as if it were my own. Following a philosophy of Genuine Care for my clients, I use a hands-on approach with high-touch communication. That means I will listen to you – what you want and your goals for selling your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home. Then be there to educate and guide you on options so you can make the decisions that best protect you, your value, and your interests. You will be met with honesty, transparency, and confidentiality at every step.

What is unique about my service is I use a proven 7-Step System specific to homeowners who want to sell a house in the Los Angeles Area | West Hills, that we build and execute together around your preferences. What worked for your family, friend, neighbor, or co-worker may not be what works best for you and your circumstances or in the current market. This custom plan is built to keep your personal goals top of mind. A checklist of sorts with a series of interview questions, the system is designed to ease the uncertainties, particularly on matters that are within your control. Plus, my marketing, communication, and negotiation skills coupled with my industry experience as a dual licensed Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Loan Originator gives you more knowledge than a standalone agent.

As a result, my clients and say I make it easy for them. They feel more certain about their decisions and cared about as a client. Whether selling to move to another California county, out of state, or to a neighborhood nearby, you can have the confidence you need to sell your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home and make your next move. You deserve to be happy in your home. 

"Chasity is trustworthy, competent, and an extremely experienced professional. She promised to consult with us every step of the way and to consider our needs as home sellers. Chasity’s years of being part of the real estate industry gives her insight to the real estate market from modest home to extravagant. She knows the business from all sides and offered her input so we made informed decisions. Chasity is the consummate professional. We strongly recommend that anyone considering hiring a real estate agent look no further."
J. Pearson & K. Lumpiesz

We understand the hesitation with selling and buying a home over the past couple of years. Selling and buying real estate can be stressful, filled with uncertainties and questions, yet exciting at the same time. Homeowners throughout Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, West Hills, and all around are choosing to make a move that will make them happy. And you can, too.

Let us help you Ease the Uncertainties of Real Estate. sell, buy, and finance your home with More confidence and less stress.

Call me to explore the options for selling your Los angeles Area | West Hills, CA home.

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