Sell A Home in the Los Angeles Area | West Hills, CA

Are struggling with the unknowns of selling a house in this market?

Imagine if you could Sell a home and…

  • Make the make the most money, in the shortest time, with the least hassle.
  • Live in a place (a new house, a new neighborhood, a new city, another state) where you can thrive more than you are today.
  • Live in a home that better supports your needs & lifestyle.
  • Improve your situation and your life, as well as the lives of your family.


Sell a home
and make your next move with confidence,
even in today’s quickly-changing real estate landscape.


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Are any of these true for you?

  • With the current real estate and mortgage markets changing quickly, you are afraid you missed out on selling at the top of the market and are concerned that now may not be a good time to sell your home.
  • You are feeling anxious about how much your house will sell for in today’s market and are afraid you won’t make the money you want from the sale.
  • You are worried you won’t get the other terms you need, like closing fast or finding a new place to live.
  • You believe selling costs are too expensive, especially if you use a real estate agent.
  • You are unsure about what you need to do. You dread the work or expense you think needs to be done in order get the house ready.
  • You are confused about the complex, home selling process. You think it’s too complicated or stressful.

What is unique about my service is I help clients unlock the mysteries of selling their home.

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Because every homeowner has their own reasons for wanting to sell a home, a custom circumstance deserves a custom solution. Using my Serious Home Seller System, you can execute a 7-Stage home selling strategy and marketing plan with proven results.

Rest assured you will receive guaranteed support and service from me as outlined in my Service Guarantees.

And, be certain that you and your property are in the hands of an experienced professional with my Dual License Advantage.


So, How Can You Sell A Home with Confidence In this market?

Even if you plan to sell a home six months from now or longer, you can begin taking action now. To sell a home successfully, start by working through the these three, key areas.

Know what timeframe you Need, To sell a home Fast.

(Included in Stage 1: Planning)

Your timeline for closing impacts other decisions. There are a lot of steps to take and decisions to be made when selling a home in Los Angeles Area | West Hills. Many are dependent on another. Taking intentional steps, at the right time, and in the right order, will guard your timeline so you sell a home fast. Watch the video below as I explain more about the important questions to ask yourself before you do anything else.

Know what you need to do, to sell with the least hassle.

(Included in Stage 2: Preparation)

Selling a home in the Los Angeles Area | West Hills starts before putting it on the market. When you understand how prospective buyers think, what makes your home more marketable, and the requirements of home sellers, your time and resources can be spent on those items which result in the greatest return. So, you can sell with the least hassle.

Know how much you need to net, to Make the Most Money.

(Included in Stage 3: Pricing)

What your Los Angeles Area | West Hills home is worth is different from what you will walk away with, or net, after the sale. By understanding up front both the value range of homes like yours and the potential costs associated with selling a house, you can make choices along the way that allow you to make the most money from the sale.

Get An Instant Home Value Estimate For Free Now Or…

"Chasity is trustworthy, competent, and an extremely experienced professional. She promised to consult with us every step of the way and to consider our needs as home sellers. Chasity’s years of being part of the real estate industry gives her insight to the real estate market from modest home to extravagant. She knows the business from all sides and offered her input so we made informed decisions. Chasity is the consummate professional. We strongly recommend that anyone considering hiring a real estate agent look no further."
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Sell your West hills, CA home with Chasity and have More confidence to make your next move.

Join other, highly satisfied homeowners who have worked with me to sell their home for the most money, in the shortest time, with the least hassle. Call me today at (818) 839-0976 for a no-obligation, introductory call.


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